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Anamolí is the name of Alejandra Estepa’s soloist project. Born in Santa Fe, right in the geographical center of Argentina, but luckily raised in several provinces along the country. She lived for 9 years in the city of Buenos Aires where she began writing songs and playing live.

Then, during her two-year stay in a lost place in the province of Córdoba, she recorded her first album called “Tiempo de otras cosas”, mixed and masterized by Emanuel Mendez in Buenos Aires. It is available online since September 2014.

Her music explores the subtleties of acoustic pop and a delicate folk which derives in catchy melodies, also travelling, at some points, to more private and introspective places. Lights and shadows of the same kaleidoscope of urban landscapes and the strong influence of the countryside.

On June 24th, 2016 her second album “La medida del pez” was released on every online platform; eight original songs of varied instrumentation, with elements of pop, folk and alternative indie music. It was co-produced with Diego Acosta in the city of Buenos Aires, where it was almost entirely recorded in De la jungla, Machete and El Búnker (Mar del Plata) studios.

Anamolí is Alejandra Estepa in guitars, keyboards, charango, ukulele, loop station and vocals.
Occasionally joined by dear friends and musicians who share the path.



Anamoli_La Medida del Pez