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Baridi Baridi

Jessica Rabanal is a music producer and vocalist of dream- hop, trip hop & dowtempo music. She was influenced by the australian music culture at her beginnings, since she lived in Australia until she was almost a teenager . Her first steps as a music producer were  self –taught  and it was a few years later that she started to learn music in an independent way.
It was around the year 2013 that she started a solo project in a downtempo and indie electronic style  using guitars and keyboards, named Baridi Baridi ( from Suajili language “Cold Cold”).

She soon started to collaborate with artists from Canadá, Perú, India, Ecuador, Germany, United States, England, France, Thailand, and from Argentina Daniel Melingo and Willy Crook.

In this year 2020 she will be releasing a video with the artist Deivbeat from Argentina, a single with Malikk (LouLou Records from France), a co-production with Class 76, a rework with Daniel Melingo (Navegantes) and a rework from the single “Siete Vidas ” with Daniel Melingo and Andres Calamaro. Also releasing a single with producer Sneed, rework & video with Anamoli, Jill Stark from Taiwan and producer Dave Garcet from Thailand. There’s also an upcoming Project with producer Naila Borensztein (music producer and vocalist) called MSS MAKINTOSH) and upcoming material with producer Roger Poltamento.



Baridi Baridi CUADRADA