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Clara Besfamille

She forms the band Valeu in 2009, along with Julian Zamt and Nicolás Crocci. The band’s first record, “Certain Birds”, was edited in 2010, and came finalist in the contest Destino Rock, from Rock & Pop radio (Argentina).

After Valeu she continues her career as a soloist, and travels to new stages (Cordóba, La Plata, Mendoza, Gran Buenos Aires, Uruguay y New York)

She´s part of the band “La Nube Mágica” (with whom she recorded tree records) since 2010. Also she´s also co founder and member of Outra, collective label of women musicians.

In 2016, she presented her first solo album called “Fractal”, a 6 song album recorded in cassette, with pianos, drums, and incidental sounds. The album explores the duality between the inner and outer world, micro and macro forms; it is a collision between the analogical and digital, intimacy and stridency.

Coming soon her next album produced by Juanito el Cantor, recorded with piano and two drum sets at Sonoramica Studio in Córdoba. The album’s premiere is on June 2020. In the meantime she will release three singles on November 2019, March and May 2020.