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Milagros Majó

Milagros Majó is a singer-songwriter and visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her main influence in music comes from the rhythms of Northwest Africa. She ventures into instruments such as balafones, marimbas, n’gonis, mbiras and different types of drums.

In 2016 she traveled to Africa (Ghana and Burkina Faso) where she had three months of enriching experiences learning, understanding and relating to music by emersion. Milagros is a storyteller, translator and unifier of a universal language, where we are all the same.

In 2017 she released her first LP “Manos del Cielo” Produced by Diego Lezcano, recorded at La cocina de Betti and Estudios Panda. The musicians participating in the recording were: Milagros Majó, Diego Lezcano, Juan Ravioli, Ezequiel Borra, David Fernandez, Mariano Malamud and Menech Perez Marino. Manuel Schaller mastered the material in Puro Mastering.

By cultivating various styles and roots, she sensitively and organically combines African, Indian, South American folklore and coastal and pop-folk sounds, in themes where the textures take enticing frames. These influences include Chilean Violeta Parra, Venezuelan Cecilia Todd, Malian Toumani Diabaté, and Mexican  Lhasa de Sela among others.

During the past three years, she has been presenting her album in different stages of the Buenos Aires metro area and surroundings. She normally shares stage and cycles with female singer-songwriters and other musical groups of the circuit. In her presentations, she performs in the form of a band, integrated by: Milagros Majó: voice, N’goni, cuatro and mbira, Diego Lezcano: acoustic guitar, piano and choirs, Philippe Bacque: bass and backing vocals, Menech Perez Marino: percussions and octapad.

She is currently working on new material that will be released later this year.