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Ro Rapoport

Ro Rapoport releases her new album called “LA OTRA PARTE” (which means the other side).

Singer, guitar player and composer from Argentina. In search of a music style without labels, her music is in constant movement.

Her carrer started as a singer and main composer in rock and fusion bands, among other styles and during the past few years she has been playing as a solo musician with an electric guitar and effects pedals makig live shows in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, USA, etc. For the recording sessions and live presentations of “LA OTRA PARTE”  a stable band was established with musicians who have accompanied her throughout her projects.

Her new album, which was selected to be recorded at Estudio Urbano, explains the identity that flows between her voice and electric guitar. It proposes a trip combining ancestral music with the electricity of rock & digital sounds. It is composed of songs that invites you to change your skin and explore new possibilities. Be able to find places for relaxation and pleasure in the middle of chaos.

In 2015 she recorded “Sincrónica” (EP) at studios “ION” and “Santa Marta” as a paralell project with Diego Guiñazú.